From the Gielis Formula to the first phase of Genicap’s Ecosystem

From the Gielis Formula to the first phase of Genicap’s Ecosystem

The Gielis Formula is a breakthrough in science and technology. Mathematically it is a generalisation of the circle and the Pythagorean Theorem, on which the whole of current science and technology is based. With this generalisation it becomes possible to describe and understand almost all shapes, patterns and phenomena in an extremely compact and computationally efficient way. E.g. in physics it turned out that Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory is a special case and the specific space-time metrics of General Relativity Theory that describe our universe has the very same structure. In the past twenty years the Formula has been used in many different applications, both in science and technology, opening doors in fields like applied mathematics, nanotechnology, mechanotronics, telecommunications and a range of other applications of electromagnetism. We are at the beginning of a new era in science.
The Gielis Formula is named after Johan Gielis and was patented in 1999. Already in the patent the three main directions of its applications where outlined, namely synthesis, analysis and optimization.
With synthesis one may synthesize shapes or patterns in a computer. Applications include computer graphics, games, virtual reality, music… This can be done in extremely compact ways, orders of magnitude smaller than current technologies. This synthesis has led to Genicap developments in computer graphics, such as Simpl3D, providing easy-touse software for 3D printing for the mass consumer market, and Gamechangers, where complete landscapes can be built in hours rather than months.
These shapes can be coupled to optimization. Having one shape descriptor, it is easy to optimize shape development for certain applications. Whereas all classical technologies are based on canonical shapes, it has now become easy to find the optimal shape for mechanotronics, wings of airplanes, heat shields of rockets, gears, nanoparticles and structures and many applications in electromagnetics. It also led to the establishment in 2013 of The Antenna Company International NV, based at the HTC in Eindhoven. Here antennas and antenna systems are developed which greatly improve efficiency of communication systems.
While the spinoffs Simpl3D and Gamechangers date from 2016-2017 only, they attract major attention in the industry. Simpl3D has been called the Snapchat and Instagram of 3D printing and Gamechangers develops software that is a true gamechanger in game technology, including virtual reality. Both companies are based on software solutions that are extremely efficient and fast.
The Antenna Company was established in 2013, and is developing very fast in a mature market. Currently AC has close to 30 employees, building systems for major Tier 1 companies and ODM, developing solutions for next-generation WiFi and telematics applications. Taking into account only the current product portfolio and design wins, the revenue projection for 2019 is above 16M$. For development of WiFi and telematics systems for 2018 and beyond, many Tier 1 companies and ODM/OEM’s have tested and validated our solutions, confirming superior performance over competition.

Synthesis and optimization characterise the first stage for Genicap and spinoffs and technologies developed, with a strong patent portfolio. In the field of science and technology the Gielis Formula is used

Genicap’s valorisation path is protected with over 35 patents belonging to various patent families. The fast-track growth of Antenna Company is proof that, with the right mix of people and specific focus, disruptive technologies can be turned into profitable businesses. In the next years this will be further explored, in the field of encryption, databases etc. Moreover, in the last two years, the potential of the Formula in synthesis and optimization has been greatly increased, both by extending the Formula, and by rewriting the formula for a broad range of coordinate systems into the Generalized Gielis Formula, thereby greatly broadening the applicability, compared to the original Gielis Formula. This can be utilized both in the existing technologies in our ecosystem.

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